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martingale collars?

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The trainer in Dakota's class wants everyone to have a martingale collar on their dog. How are these collars?? She said to take her into the pet store [should be fun] and have them find one that fits right. By the way, she did fairly well and I thought she had alot of energy until I saw a chocolate lab female that was 3 years old and WOW!! she couldn't sit still at all:eek:
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Great for dogs who like to "back out" of their collars. Can't tell you how many dogs with collars that are not properly fitted have slipped their collars while waiting to see the vet!
I was just going to say this. Dogs with long, thin heads, like greyhounds, shelties, collies, etc. can easily slip out of regular collars. The martingales are a literal life saver for them.

We still have Cameron in one. We use the all nylon one. The metal from the chain marti stained his ruff.
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