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martingale collars?

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The trainer in Dakota's class wants everyone to have a martingale collar on their dog. How are these collars?? She said to take her into the pet store [should be fun] and have them find one that fits right. By the way, she did fairly well and I thought she had alot of energy until I saw a chocolate lab female that was 3 years old and WOW!! she couldn't sit still at all:eek:
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Quick explanation, it's a prong collar without prongs made of nylon and it's a choke collar without choke when adjusted properly. They have one made of all nylon and one is nylon with chain closure. I prefer the chain/nylon Marti. A humane type of collar that if corrections are given it's much, much, much easier on dog. I use them and like them.
Is a mrtingale collar one that tightens around the dogs neck when the pull away?

i think that would still hurt the dog ... if your dog goes spastic on it .... i would not use it .... i tried a similar thing on my lab/collie when he was 4 months old and he went spastic ..... i never used it again
When Marti is adjusted properly it closes to the neck only, this way dog can't slip out and still does not get choked. Adjusted improperly or too tight it could choke dog, adjusted too loosely and dog slips out of collar. It's easy to adjust it's actually a no-brainer.

A 4 month old puppy could have been spooking at an improper fit or just be spastic because of 1st time use of any collar.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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