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What are they? Martingale collars are an alternate form of collar to the chain choker. There are several advantages over the chain choker (or training collar). 1) The chain collar has a correct and incorrect way of putting it on a dog. (Most people call it a backwards "P"). If a chain choker is on improperlly then it will not release when pulled and is ineffective. The martingale collar can be placed on the dog and there in no improper way of doing it. It will always release and not choke your dog. 2) Our Martingale collars have a chain that gives a reinforcing sound that reminds the dog that it is on. 3) We also have a metal buckle that allows the user to adjust it before you place it on the dog. The proper sizing of this collar is to keep it snug on the dog's neck and keep it positioned at the top of the neck just behind it's ears.

Martingale collars are for those dogs that are high energy and require an added measure of reinforcement.

If you have a fully trained dog then a standard collar will be the best choice for you. They can also be found on our web site.

Our collars with the Metal Buckles can be engraved with the dog's name and your phone numbers.

Please go to www.theultimateleash.com for a video demonstration and a full description of our products.

Click the link below to see our Martingale Collar in action.


Thanks for your interest:clap2:

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