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Martingale Collar?

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I'm planning to wean my pup off her prong collar, but I really don't want to do it onto a flat collar. I can't trust her to not slip out of it. The collar is fit right, but her funky build lets her slip most things (so far every collar, harness and head halter we've tried). I was thinking of getting a martingale collar for every day use, would this be a safe option for her?
She hasn't even tried to slip her collar for a while, but knowing she can just puts me on edge.
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Natalie slipped her collar 2x in the past and that was it. Martingale collars are the only type I buy for her now. She hasn't tried to slip her collar in a really long time but if she did she wouldn't be able to. I think you would feel better using a martingale collar if slipping is what concerns you.
Yes, adjusted properly it should be the collar for you. All dogs I work are double collared with prong and marti collars eventually prong phased out and marti left. When correcting a dog marti takes up part of correction and if link comes undone on prong as sometimes happens my dog will not be loose. It's a win-win for me. Not meant to be everybody's answer but does work for me.
That's all we wear. Darn it, I swore I wouldn't divulge that again. That's all Elsa wears. My concern isn't so much her slipping her collar as it is, if she did hit the end of her leash for any reason I want that force evenly distributed around her neck.
A dog shouldn't be able to slip a properly fitted martingale. I would not leave one on a dog that's unattended - ours wear them for walks only.
Shippo wears a martingale that's got a quick release buckle. That way, if I do forget to take it off after being out, he's still safe. He slipped his regular collar twice when he was younger, so I prefer martingales now, even though the collar-slipping seems to be a thing of the past.
I love the martingales. Bentley not only has the habit of slipping his collar, but he is also really good at somehow breaking them. I have no idea how he did it, but he managed to break 2 collars in 3 months. One was a quick release but the other was the belt buckle type (I really don't know how he broke that one :eek:). From now on, he only wears martingales. Also, I agree with lovemygreys...no collars except on walks.
Thanks everyone for your input ^-^ Are the martingale collars fairly strong? Dandi's never broken collars, but she has broken a few leashes.
Thanks everyone for your input ^-^ Are the martingale collars fairly strong? Dandi's never broken collars, but she has broken a few leashes.
I don't know that they're stronger, but with Bentley, the broken collars were always broken at the buckle so I needed something that doesn't have a one. I wouldn't worry about your dog breaking the martingale collar if she's never broken a buckle one.
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