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So after dropping about $40 :)eek:) at Petsmart today, Marge walked out looking like a new woman..


We celebrated Marge's ability to pull of the color by taking a trip to the park.

Woohoo sort of heeling!


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Nothing clashes with basic black.
But Marge doesn't have to know that...

Besides, if you really want to be technical, she is black with dark brown points. ;)

It's a keeper.

Those cheeks are just made for rubbing, aren't they?
Haha, thanks Curb. She does have a rather squeezable face.

I loved the last one! AMAZING! She looks great in purple! Donatello has went with a handsome and bright color as well... RED! : D
Marge's color was always red, too. Red collar, red 20' leash, red kong, some other red toys. But I thought we needed to change things up a bit. :D

That's a great color for her. And she looks like such a sweetheart.
Aww, thank you! She is a goof, once she gets past her initial fear of a person.

She is just gorgeous! Love the purple, too!!!
Thank you!

Yup, stunning.. just stunning. Purple is definitely her color!!!
Thanks Reno! I *would* have bought blue, because the blue leash/collar was just as nice, but everyone thinks Marge is a boy as it is. So we needed something slightly more feminine!

Very fashionable, she looks very pretty!
Thank you :)

i think that any colour would look great on her, but that purple looks fantastic! what a pretty girlie. :)
Thanks! You can probably get away with any color, too, with a white dog.

Very fashionable. Easter Purple.
Haha, my mom said the same thing about the Easter Purple. Nice coincidence, huh?
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