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I'm hoping you all can help me with an upcoming situation...

I have two dogs, India & Navarre. Both dogs haven't really been apart from each other and/or me, since I got Navarre; for any appreciable length of time. When the vet or a technician takes one in the back for whatever procedure, the other one gets anxious and cries/whines a bit, Navarre more so than India.

India is going for a second knee replacement surgery in two weeks. For the first one, I was able to have it done the day before our company holiday's shut down, I was able to be with Navarre. Now, I'm out of PT and need to leave Navarre at home while I drop off India for the surgery and go to work. I'll be taking off early the next day to pick up India.

So my question is, does anyone have any suggestions on how make this experience more pleasant for him? Or at least to keep Navarre's anxiety in check?

Thank you,

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