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Say hello to our new boy

The adoption lady took our photo to put on the rescue site http://www.lldogrescue.org/

He is our new pimp dog lol! he's so darn precious and Sadie ADORES him. They both played for a few hours, and now he is currently nestled in some blankets on my bed :)

I can't wait to get my fiance's camera working so i can take some photos of my bigger mutt girl Sadie and him playing. You will die from cute overload. I'm just afraid she will get too rough and accidentally hurt him, but i watch them play and she's being ok with him so far. He is far more durable then he looks though lol tough little nooger.

Anyways. Yay Richie, you koala looking thing!
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He is sooooo cute!!! Thank you for adopting a rescue dog, I love people who adopt:) !!!!
Yay! I'm glad he's home with you. And how wonderful that he and Sadie get along so well. Looking forward to more pics.
Haha he is so damn cute, and just such a snuggler. Sadie is being alright with him, sometimes she gets too rough but i like her know and so does he.

His house training is going OK (it's only been two days and im patient). He gets the pee aspect of it, but not the poop. I put him on a leash around the house with me and watch him like a hawk. But he will literally WAIT forever to go hide off somewhere to poo, and hold it when outside. I really hope i can train him to go outside for good :/

But I'm diligent!
Hi, I thought I'd find you over here. It's Sophie from SM. :)
Oh hey there! im active in this forum too (well obviously lol) SM is such a great place as well. I get such help from everyone! :)
Lol, some people from SM and MT here. Your Maltipoo sure is cute.
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