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Maltipoo puppy going crazy?

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About two weeks ago, my family adopted a maltipoo puppy who is now 10 weeks old. This is is our first dog and we’re crate training her. The problem is, we’ve noticed some weird behavior. She’ll be fine sometimes and then she will run around and bite anything she can, especially ankles and loose clothing. I know that biting is normal for puppies, but she will also growl and bark when shes hyper and bite really hard. She will also squirm when we pick her up, but when shes calm she loves us. When she is calm, she’ll cry sometimes for no reason and we’re not sure why either. For some reason, she also still wont respond to basic commands like “no!” or even her name. I know this is a lot of information, we are just super confused and dont know what to do!

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All of that is 100% normal for a 10 week old puppy. When the puppy starts acting like a berserker it's puppy nap time. They tend to get squirrelly when overstimulated or overtired. Think of a toddler up past his bedtime.

Specifically regarding the commands: "No" is actually pretty meaningless to a dog. First of all, they hear it all the time in conversation, so it doesn't make a very good command. Secondly, it doesn't specifically tell the dog what TO DO. Do you want it to stop biting? Stop barking? Stop chewing? Get away from something? Drop something? Stop jumping? It's much more effective to actually teach specific commands like "leave it" or to give a command that is the opposite of the undesirable behavior - for example, "sit" or "lay down" concretely tell the dog what to do, so they're easier to teach than "no jumping." "Get toy" is easier to teach than "don't bite." That said...10 week is a BABY. The dog might be able to learn a few basic commands at that age, but it's not going to be consistent or able to hold the command in mind for very long.

Dogs don't inherently have a concept of names. Some dogs naturally figure out their name, but you can teach them, too. For example, giving them a reward for looking at you or coming to you when you say their name.
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