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Malinois Thread

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This thread is for any admirers and owners of the dog breed near and dear to my heart, the Belgian Malinois. I have one at home that stays with my parents while I'm deployed.

His name is Ninja and he's sixteen months old. We got him as a puppy from Gatorland K9, a small-ish breeding program run by Ted Hoppe in Barberville, FL. He's had decades of experience with both GSD and Malinois. GSDs are his livelihood (his stock are almost exclusively European lines) but Malinois are his special passion.

I have to say mine is my special passion. He's a smart, intelligent, dog although my First Sergeant, having seen a picture of him I keep on my computer of Mom tucking him in with a blanket whenever it gets cold outside (Florida's occasional freezes at 40F), has said "LT you no longer have a dog but a baby sibling on the cheap."

Well since other posters have put posts to their chosen breeds up I figure I'll put one up for the Malinois...:)
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Nice to see.

They are smart dogs, that's for sure. Ninja picked up commands pretty quickly.

I've also heard some say that they can be hair trigger biters and I've been nipped occasionally while playing with my dog, but nothing serious.

He loves the bite wedge and the tennis ball as his favorite toys. He hears the tennis ball bounce from across the house and he'll come racing over like a canid comet...
My own Malinois came from Gatorland K9 kennels where Ted and Dawn Hoppe breed and train both GSD and Malinois. Ted has had over thirty years of experience in breeding and training in both military and civilian kennels and his stock are healthy and well trained animals.

If you want to look out of state, simply look for the website Gatorland Malinois.
^^ I'm sure that they should be OK with you e-mailing them. Heck, Ted will talk your ears off about the virtues of the Mal.

On another note, my Malinois took well to crate training. All we have to say is 'house' and he'll go to his crate. His denning behavior extends to our formal dining room table. We don't usually use the formal dining room unless we have guests, so Ninja tends to camp out underneath it.

One of his little, endearing, I missed you, gestures is taking items (Dad's slippers, Mom's blouse, one of my t-shirts) and snuggling with them in his 'den'.

He's also a big cookie monster thanks to Mom. Every time she comes home from work she'll ask either 'want a cookie, Ninja?' or 'Where's the cookie?' and he'll sit right in front of the pantry door and look cute.
Well, Ninja was my third dog. We had a Golden Retriever when I was a kid and practically adopted my cousin's Lab/Retriever Mix when she was in college before we had Ninja. And that dog has at least four or five of my family and extended family to play with him at any given moment.

He's also a big lazy bones a lot too. He loves to sunbathe by our pool, or flop under the dining room table. We play a lot too. So he's well loved, exercised, and everything even while I'm deployed...
In Israel their K9 units use the Malinois almost exclusively because of their greater tolerance to desert conditions than GSD and Rotties and also because Mals are healthier breeds, large enough to deal with human sized aggressors yet small enough for handlers to pick up and carry them.

The US Army does use them as well, but the GSD is the military 'work horse' dog, supposedly because GSD is a lot easier for handlers that aren't 'dog people' than the Malinois is. I can't comprehend that logic, but then I am biased...
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