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Malinois Thread

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This thread is for any admirers and owners of the dog breed near and dear to my heart, the Belgian Malinois. I have one at home that stays with my parents while I'm deployed.

His name is Ninja and he's sixteen months old. We got him as a puppy from Gatorland K9, a small-ish breeding program run by Ted Hoppe in Barberville, FL. He's had decades of experience with both GSD and Malinois. GSDs are his livelihood (his stock are almost exclusively European lines) but Malinois are his special passion.

I have to say mine is my special passion. He's a smart, intelligent, dog although my First Sergeant, having seen a picture of him I keep on my computer of Mom tucking him in with a blanket whenever it gets cold outside (Florida's occasional freezes at 40F), has said "LT you no longer have a dog but a baby sibling on the cheap."

Well since other posters have put posts to their chosen breeds up I figure I'll put one up for the Malinois...:)
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Our police & sheriff's departments K9 units primarily comprise of Belgians. They have drive, speed, and bite that is second to none. Not to mention, they are absolutely beautiful, no matter what age.
My first dog was a Belgian puppy. I can hear the collective "GASP!!!" from all the Belgian owners out there. NOT a good idea. I thought I knew how energetic they are. I thought I knew how fast they ran. I thought I knew how strong their jaws are.
I knew NOTHING....absolutely NOTHING. In hindsight, I wish that the breeder would've talked me out of getting one. He knew this was going to be my first dog EVER. He knew I worked weird hours. He knew I didn't have a fenced in yard. He knew I was NOWHERE prepared to take on a Belgian Malinois.
Needless to say, I learned a very expensive lesson.
For all that are wondering, Lexi is a narcotics dog for the DEA in Oklahoma. She's living a far better life than I could ever give her. I can rest easy at night knowing that.

So here's my laundry list of advice to anyone considering getting a Belgian Malinois for a pet.
2) Be a previous/current dog owner.
3) Start training EARLY and be consistent.
4) Dog proof your house...inside and out.
5) Have PLENTY of room for the dog to run.
6) Be prepared to spend lots of time with the dog.
7) NEVER let an untrained Belgian run loose.
8) Be SURE you can handle the dog.
9) Let the dog live with your for a couple weeks before permanently adopting.

I seriously could go on for awhile. I just cannot stress how important it is to KNOW what you're getting yourself into before committing to this breed....or ANY animal for that matter.

**stepping off the soapbox now** ;)
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Awww, what a cute picture! I love it when dogs and cats get along and cuddle together! My Poms like to lick my cats' face, but the cats don't really know how to react because the dogs do it so excitedly! :D
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