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Malinois Thread

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This thread is for any admirers and owners of the dog breed near and dear to my heart, the Belgian Malinois. I have one at home that stays with my parents while I'm deployed.

His name is Ninja and he's sixteen months old. We got him as a puppy from Gatorland K9, a small-ish breeding program run by Ted Hoppe in Barberville, FL. He's had decades of experience with both GSD and Malinois. GSDs are his livelihood (his stock are almost exclusively European lines) but Malinois are his special passion.

I have to say mine is my special passion. He's a smart, intelligent, dog although my First Sergeant, having seen a picture of him I keep on my computer of Mom tucking him in with a blanket whenever it gets cold outside (Florida's occasional freezes at 40F), has said "LT you no longer have a dog but a baby sibling on the cheap."

Well since other posters have put posts to their chosen breeds up I figure I'll put one up for the Malinois...:)
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I am a bully breed lover first and foremost...but if I had to pick a herder it would definatly be a Mal.
im considering one, but I won't even try to go through a breeder without getting what I consider baseline amount of knowledge about the breed.

I've emailed a few kennels just to "talk shop" so to speak about the dogs in general. in my noobie novice opinion Dantero Kennels seems to have nice dogs but they tend to be a bit bigger than I'd like to own, especially Havok. 60 pounds is as about big as I'd like to own...unless I get a Tosa of course...but that's a whole 'nother thread..

this is Dantero btw...if anyone (ahem Xeph) cares to take a gander and give an opinion...

we'll see. Im kind of funny about my dogs...if I'm going to buy a dog from a breeder, it will be a pet but it will also be shown and competed with. Until Im to the point where Im ready to show and compete, Im not going to buy from a breeder....Im going to research, study the standard, look for opportunities to work with and study the particular breed, pester the crap out of breed experts etc.

I'll drop them an email if they won't mind "talking shop" to someone who MAY be interested in a Malinois...

you see how I am with the Pits? Im not ready to *buy* a pit either..lol...
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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