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Male Marking

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I have a mutt named Riley who is a mix of shih tzu, bichon and poodle. He's male. He's fixed and has been since 6 months. If I get a second dog do I have to worry about marking in the house? Riley does mark on our walks but he's never done it in our house. However, he did do it at my sister-in-laws before I could stop him (she has a male dog). Should I get a female instead?
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Generally speaking, male/female pairs are considered ideal, but it varies dog to dog. We have lots of members with male-male pairs (and male-male-male-etc) and they do fine.

Does your SIL's dog pee inside? I think it's more likely that Riley smelled dog pee in the house and figured "hey, if someone else is doing it . . ."
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