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Male Marking

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I have a mutt named Riley who is a mix of shih tzu, bichon and poodle. He's male. He's fixed and has been since 6 months. If I get a second dog do I have to worry about marking in the house? Riley does mark on our walks but he's never done it in our house. However, he did do it at my sister-in-laws before I could stop him (she has a male dog). Should I get a female instead?
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Well .... Blu Boy started marking inside the house when I got Eddee three months ago ... and so did Eddee. Eddee was not neutered and 6 year old Blu Boy is neutered. They were having a very active contest.

I had Eddee neutered a month ago and it has almost stopped with Eddee ... but not for Blu Boy. :( Whether neutering made a difference I really cannot say ... just my own experience this year and my own observation. Blu Boy is still upset I believe.

Blu Boy also marked for a bit when Abbylynn came to me over a year ago. Abbylynn was spayed before she came to me. But Blu Boy only marked for a very short time as he adjusted to Abbylynn in his territory. Leeo was still alive when Abbylynn came ... Blu Boy's Brother. Leeo was also neutered ... but did not mark?

Looking at my recent experiences ... I am inclined to believe it is an individual dog thing ... but not 100% certain.
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