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We just made reservations last night for my husband and I and our two dogs for August in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I think we have this really sweet lady who told us that she is very flexible about us getting our money back in case of a layoff. I told her what was going on at my husband's job and she seems okay with cancellations. The best thing is that she is a dog lover. She said her son just brought three rescue pups home recently. They also have a older dog. She is allowing me to bring our dogs at her rental house. They even have a fenced in back yard. Now we have to watch out for alligators and sharks. We are right on the bay and a mile from the white shores of the gulf. She says she sees dog owners with their dogs on the beach so I guess it is all right. Hope we go. Can't wait.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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