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Hi everyone,
I have a female and male shiba Inu who may have pups. They tied 2 weeks ago, so not sure yet if female is actually pregnant or not (appt in a couple weeks for ultrasound).
For the past couple days, my male dog hasn’t been full out aggressive with the female, but he has been a bit more snappy with her (growling when she tries to lay with him/groom him/play escalates into shiba bicker (iykyk about shibas bickering 😉)). I can’t find anything to read up on if males will tend to be more snappy/brash bc of female pregnancy or if he’s just tired of her crap (she’s usually the dominate and bossy dog).
Disclaimer: They are extremely close to one another, and wouldn’t totally hurt each other nor have they ever hurt one another. They are both quite vocal and what I would call eccentric personalities. If female is having pups, male will be separated.
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