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So, Ludo hurt his right front leg. He limps (not all the time mostly when he first wakes up) and it pops when he limps. He hurt it awhile back and I decided he needed to see the vet since the limp had gotten better but was still there.

So, Friday I make the vet appointment and picked up some canine aspirin for Ludo. The vet informed me I should not give Ludo aspirin (and how it is just terrible for dogs) but I wasn't about to let Ludo go on in pain over the weekend too and this was made specifically for dogs (chewable and beef flavored) and I got good recommendations so I went with it. It said that for 80lbs he could have 2 tabs every 12 hours. To be safe, he got 1 1/2 every 12 hours.

My God! The limp was gone completely and he was in better spirits than I have seen him in two weeks.

So, I started doing some research and determined he very likely damaged the lubrication between his shoulder joints. It isn't broken and he doesn't mind it being touched and prodded and pulled and twisted. It isn't hot and he isn't running a fever. He is still playful, bright eyed and eating and drinking well. My research leads me to Glucosamine to repair the joint - if it is damaged - or just in general to help him out (as he is a big dog and grew quickly it is unsurprising that there may be joint problems).

So today I go to the vet. I inform her that Ludo has been taking canine aspirin that dealt with the pain and I am going to start him on Glucosamine. You would have thought I told her that I was going to start beating my dog with a shovel! She confirmed that the most likely situation was a damaged joint but INSISTED that I put him on Rimadyl instead and NO Glucosamine (it is for humans, after all).

I told her there was no way he was getting Rimadyl. Last summer he had a terrible reaction to it (hurt leg then too) and he just laid there when he was on it, glassy eyed and slow breathing. Not again. She went so far as to try to give it to me three more times and then tried to just add it to my bill!

I stood at reception going over the bill and she again insisted I give it to him (knowing full well of his reaction to it!) and oh I wanted to scream so bad.

We wont be going back to this vet. Ludo will get his Glucosamine and will stay on aspirin as needed for the pain. And we will be finding a new vet.

Oh! But good news. Three weeks ago when he was in the vet (check up and distemper vaccine) he weighed 90lbs. The vet suggested he lose 7-10 lbs. Today, he weighs 88lbs! Yay!
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