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Luxating Patella question

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I will most definitely be taking Chocolate to the vet as soon as that is possible, but it isn't right now.

She is under two years old and has behavioral issues. I was not able to have a thorough physical examination done before the shelter in place order, and I suspect multiple physical issues. Periodically, she will become quite lame on her right front leg and then it will resolve on it's own and she will walk normally again, so I strongly suspect luxating patella and that an expensive surgery is in our future.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice as far as temporary measures for her comfort (If she balks during a walk, she gets picked up. End of subject. Yes, I look silly carrying a 12 lb dog while walking a 6 lb dog but who cares.) and to avoid making things worse while we figure out "that money thing".

Thank you in advance.
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Not a typo, just an inexperienced dog owner. That is valuable information--thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
I had her on Ultra Oil for her joints, just as a preventative, because I was told that she was part GSD and in the unlikely event that this is true, GSDs are infamous for hip dysplasia and joint problems, especially poorly bred GSDs. :(

I switched to krill oil for financial reasons. Maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all if this can't be explained away as luxating patella, which is "a Chihuahua thing".

I sure hope that circumstances beyond our control aren't going to put a perfectly good imperfect dog into a wheelchair when all she really needs is an expensive surgery in a timely manner, but I signed up for that when I decided to adopt her, so we'll figure it out one way or another.

In a perfect world, Chocolate wouldn't even exist; she deserves better than this and she is worth a lot more than money to me. It is a joy to care for her, gradually earn her trust, and watch her mental health slowly improve in spite of her physical challenges and the pain she may or may not currently endure as if it were constant background noise.
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