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Not sure if i'm allowed to post contests here... So if it's against the rules, just let me know, and I can delete!

Anyways... Luna is in a contest on Facebook. Like her photo, and if she has the most likes by Feb 25... She will win a free photo session! Please tell all of your friends!

About Luna:
She is a happy-go-lucky 18 week old pup. She is so very very sweet, and very smart as well. She has learned how to sit, shake, and lay down. She is currently learning how to play dead, and stay. In the picture below, she decided she was more interested in giving the photographer kisses than taking photos for her contest! We would love it if you could please take 30 seconds to vote for her!

Voting Instructions:

1.) Click the link below if you have a Facebook account (It's safe... I promise!)
2.) Like her photo
3.) Tell your friends... All of them!


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