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Luna has Cherry eye... advice?

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Luna's eye recently started showing signs of redness and irritation, but she didn't seem too bothered. The last two days she had a bit of puss and quite a saggy eye, but kept eating and playing.

I went to the vet with her, who said it was not an eye infection or conjunctivitis as I thought it may be, but something called "cherry eye". One of our rottweilers had this condition in both eyes and needed operating and frequent cleaning with eye drops and eye powder.

This vet didn't give us any eye drops and said that it was not necessary. She is pussing quite a bit (especially after she sleeps) and I boil some water and use a cloth to soothe her eye which she seems to like.

Is there any other advice anyone can give me? I hate seeing her like that, even though she doesn't seem to have too much discomfort.

I should also add that I'm not one for operating on young puppies - especially when it's not necessary - so that won't be happening any time soon unless she needs it.
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Luna'sOwner .

I think that you need a second opinion. The puss from the eye sounds serious.

Best , oldhounddog
Thank you for your advice, it looks a bit better today and I've been cleaning it, but I'll see how it goes in a few days and take it from there.
If you can get the eye to clear up and no puss , take a look at this link.


Best , oldhounddog
Thank you, interesting link... I have started cleaning it with cotton wool and South African Rooibos tea as my mother did with our previous Rottweiler, which seems to really do the trick... this also seems to eliminate the puss.
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