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Lump on dog's head

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My 1 y/o GSD has a small lump (about pea sized) on the top of her head. The vet removed it this morning. The vet said that is wasn't attached to any tissue and that given her age she thinks it is most likely benign but we'll know next week. She said the unusual thing about it is that the lump was dark in color. I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced anything like this with their dog and could offer some advice? I am just really worried right now!
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i'm not a vet. my dogs get cysts and warts on them. usually a vet can just look at a growth and tell weather or not it is cancerous. you could probably go online and find pictures that show the difference between cancer and non cancer growths.
My dog was bitten on the shoulder and developed a blister filled with blood that was about the size of silver dollar. They had to cut it open and drain it. She is fine now.
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