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Lump from Tick bite

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Last night I found a tick on the side of my dog's face. He gets a dose of Frontline every month, but this one must have snuck by. It was dead, but big and whitish and inflated. I used a Kleenex to pull it off (after doing some research it seems that I should have twisted counter-clockwise or used another method) but 12 hours later he still has a bump where the tick was. It seems a tiny bit red but he doesn't seem bothered by it.

How long should I wait to see if the bump goes away before I see a vet? When I pulled the tick off I could see its little legs and stuff at the top but is it possible that the head is still in?
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Get to the vet today if possible! If the head is still in there it can cause problems. The vet will more than likely run a course of antibiotics and may want a titre in a couple of weeks to be sure no tick born illness is present.
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