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Luffy’s Genetics

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Hello. I’m Erin and was wondering about my dog, Luffy Bear’s eyes and coat.

I recently adopted him from the shelter and they said that he was a Lhasapoo. He’s definitely a poodle mix though.

I’m curious about his eyes. I’ve never seen a dog with geometric shapes in his eyes and was wondering if it would affect his eyesight in anyway in the future. (I haven’t noticed any problems now.) Here’s a picture:

His coat is also a little weird too as it is a mix of white, brown and straight black hairs. Is this normal? Also, he developed a hotspot about a month after I got him and his new hairs are growing out a different colored spot.

Since vets are closed, I’m just curious if any of you have a dog that has similar characteristics. Thanks and have a safe and happy day!
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I'd believe Lhasa Apso x Poodle.

I'm not really seeing anything unusual about his eyes? I don't know where you are located, but in most areas, vet hospitals have been deemed essential services, although they have been limiting elective surgeries and the like, and have put safety measures like techs coming to your vehicles to pick up animals, no owners in the building, and payments over the phone. So if you are concerned, then it would be a good idea to contact your vet to see if they want to see him.

Lhasa Apso have a dense, straight double coat, while Poodles have a single, crisp, curly coat. A cross of the two breeds will likely have some type of combination of the two extremes. His color and markings look typical for a Lhasa. And yes, it's not uncommon for hair to grow back a different color after an injury, but it will usually return to it's normal color after a shedding cycle or three.
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Get a DNA test for more info on genetic history. They are getting more and more accurate.
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