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Low cost Vaccinations !!!

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Hi everyone, both of my dogs need all of their series of vaccinations, but right now my budget is a bit tight, and I was wondering if does packages that petco, petsupe rmarket, and pet supplies plus offer are worth it, I am a bit worried because I know they need them, what do you guys think are this places safe for vaccinations .... :confused::confused:
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I would not do the package deal (too many vaccines) You can pick the ones you really need. Ex. 5-1, rabies, heartworm test. Unless you are in an area where your dog is at high risk for lyme or lepto. Or you hunt your dog I would skip those vaccines. Make sure that the rabies vaccine is for three years because some of them only offer the one year.
I know at Banfield in Petsmart on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2-3 pm they waive the $35-40 office visit charge, so all you pay for is the shots.
I would not go to Banfield. They tend to over-vaccinate among other things.
Check your local SPCA for low cost vaccinations.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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