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Lots of assorted pix

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Great pictures! I love the playing ones and the puppy ones!
Great pictures!!...love me sum striped puppies!!!:D
ha ha I love the puppy and the goat picture. Also Samara laying the smack down on the other dog. LOL
I love seeing your crew Spicy! Gorgeous as ever. Oh and can you send me the puppy in the first picture, pls? Thanks!
ha ha I love the puppy and the goat picture.
Me too:D
The other pics are nice too.
Great pictures, your dogs are gorgeous. And so is the goat :)
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That first pic is frameable spicy!! so cute:D
FourIsCompany Thanks, especially love to watch mine run and play

pugmom thanks and same here, love the brindles!

Inga LOL I don't think she will be doing that for long, he is already like her height now (close to it anyway and half her weight)

BoxMeIn21 Thanks Oh that is my friend pup so sorry no sending....lol I was baby sitting them, or Thunder was actually, he is a great baby sitter

Blizzard Thank you

Equinox Thanks

jcd Yes cute he is a big dork

zimandtakandgrrandmimi oh here is one i didnt post, i took many more pics then what i put up

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Spicy who's the pup playing with Samara? I'm sure I missed an intro along the way here :D I too think the pup in pic #1 is adorable, love the spot on top of the head lol
Great pics of everyone! :) Very nice looking doggies! And the puppy is SUPER cute!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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