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Lost Dog Ideas?

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Hey everyone,

I've had Sadie less than a week. I took some time off work to try and work on her separation anxiety. We were doing fairly well. I got a dog run from her previous owner and left for work briefly this morning. I came home after three hours to find Sadie had managed to break out of the dog run and was gone.

I have checked shelters, she has a tag with my address and phone number, she has a microchip (to a previous owner but the service put my information on the notes) and I have checked with my immediate neighbors. No luck so far. She is so new to my home that I'm positive she can't find her way back.

Has anyone had success with finding a lost dog? If so, what did you do that worked? She is a SWEET dog and only ran because she wanted to find me again and didn't want to be alone. I'm not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Put flyers up all over your neighborhood, and going back the direction to her old house. Put an ad in the paper under "Lost Pets". Post ad on Craigslist under "Lost and found" and "pets".

Go to the Humane Society/Shelters/Animal Control w/flyers and a picture of her. Visit any shelter daily that euthanizes animals and personally look at every dog they have. Be sure to look at ones avail for adoption as mistakes have been made on "hold" times for lost pets.

Drop off flyers at all nearby vets/groomers.

Drive through the neighborhood at night and call her. Walk through the neighborhood at night calling, and try to stop and walk and call along the route to her old house.

Replace flyers regularly as they blow away, get torn off etc.

Talk to your mailman/newspaper carrier and give them a flyer/show picture.
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My dogs are runners.

Once I was able to track them in the snow (which probably won't work now) and, when I got within whistle range, one of them came to me and then helped me find the other. They generally stay together, which is oddly comforting to me.

Twice I've gotten calls because of the microchip (when they were without collar or tags.)

Every other time, I've gotten calls from people who found them in places I wouldn't have thought to look (like across the river.) I hate to rely on the kindness and honesty of strangers but, so far, they've come through.

Alert vets, police, shelters, animal control - anyone you can think of. Don't give up. Don't underestimate her ability to find her way home, even though the home is new to her.

How long has she been gone?
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I would contact any and all vets in the area as well as shelters and alert them that she is missing. Check back with them regularly.

I would also check with the microchip service to see if anyone has called.

I would be putting posters up everywhere and checking the local paper's lost and found as well as local Craigslist lost and found.

Can you contact the previous owners? Sometimes dogs will make their way back to the home they are familiar with.

I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm sure you're just sick about losing her.

Please keep us posted.
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offer a reward when you make postings. people will look at the flyers more if there is reward written in red. hopefully you get her back. is your yard unfenced and she escaped the dog run and the fence? or was it just the dog run? try to crate her if you get her back. good luck !
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