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Cosmo has lost quite a bit of weight over the last 6-7 weeks now that we've cracked down on it. He was spoiled heavily both pre surgery and post surgery, with far too many treats, and well he was definitely "too fluffy".

I want to get him as slimmed down as I can get him before he gets his next surgery (aiming to get it done after our camping trip in late september), and my BF and I both agreed that he's not getting his surgery until he is as fit as we can possibly get him.

We currently have him down to a little over 1/2 a cup of Evo Red Meat Formula and 1/2 a patty of Stella & Chewy's Duck Duck Goose a day. He is still getting some treats but they are limited to Zuke's mini naturals peanut butter (Chow Hound still had the originals stocked, not Purina made, so I have loads), and these pumpkin treats that Gingerkid showed me. I screwed up the Pumpkin treats and they came out kind of "pancake like", because I'm a terrible cook, but how they turned out, I was able to cut them into extremely tiny morsels so I can still work on stay and no bark (along with the Zuke's).

He's still getting bully sticks, but he's pretty good at pacing himself, normally takes about 2 days to eat a 6 inch one of average thickness.

He currently weighs 30 pounds, and while he definitely looks better then he did before we did a big cut back on table scraps, our goal is to get him to around 25 pounds. I can feel his ribs, but not as easily as I like. I'm not sure if it's just skin in the way, fur, some fat or a combination of the three. Aside from having to make your way through all the fur, they are definitely "feelable", but not good enough. While he did recover fine from the first surgery, we want to have him as slim as can be so that this second recovery goes even smoother!

The big catch in all of this, is he is EXTREMELY limited on the amount of exercise he is allowed to do. The surgeon wants to limit the damage to the unoperated upon leg. Even though the bone is continually dying, too much stress on the leg, and we risk the bone shattering everywhere, the cost of the surgery sky rocketing, and more pain for Cosmo. He definitely moves around a lot more now that his other leg is healed, but aside from short swimming sessions (we aim for 2 5-10 minute sessions a day-we started at much shorter sessions, but have been gradually increasing it-he never used to even go within 10 feet of the pool.), and light games of fetch downstairs in the house (carpet), thats about all he's allowed to do. No walks at all. In the backyard, we will let him lumber along if we are working in the garden, but all done at a very slow pace.

Does anyone have any advice on how to help him get that last bit off? I do know he's getting more bully sticks then he should, but it's incredibly hard keeping a dog that is finally starting to feel better after this started to show up in February, calm. We are currently aiming for around 470 calories a day. Evo is 527kcal/cup so at a little over 1/2 a cup a day he's getting right around 280-300 from the Evo, 35 from the 1/2 a patty of Duck Duck Goose (it's his absolute favorite), which brings us to 335, the bully sticks are probably adding around 75 a day, and with treats he's pretty gosh darn close to 470 calories a day.

He gets the majority of his Evo in the morning along with the Duck Duck Goose, and I give him the last little bit at night. Aside from the real dog treats, my BF and I have both been keeping veggies near by (he has baby carrots he takes out in the morning and puts on his desk, and I have green beans from the garden usually), that we have been giving Cosmo instead of treats for the most part. And my BF who is a Number 1 spoiler, has been giving him carrots and green beans, along with other veggies he loves, instead of table scraps like he used too...

We are trying so hard to get this last bit of weight off of him, but it's just not going anywhere :/ It seems like the first bit came off pretty fast, and he's been gaining so much muscle on his healed leg too (the other leg has pretty much nothing muscle wise-he can barely hold himself up with it due to pain). We were hoping the rest would follow in the same manner, but alas plateau.
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