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Wheaten Terriers are prone to separation anxiety. which can be treated by various methods I would, google it and see which one might work well for you. This article I actually got off of a wheaten terrier page as a go to for help with this problem. HOWEVER. your dog is acting like my husky use to only much more mild.

My husky Leo was also crate trained as a puppy. He did fine in his crate as long as we were home. If we left the home even for 15 min he would go bonkers. He would poo and pee himself and bark non stop and kick and bite and chew. He destroyed crate after crate. and flung poo all the way onto the ceiling. It was a little more aggressive then the barking your dear oscar does but the same idea. Oscar hates the crate when you are gone or he thinks everyone is gone. We felt like we were torturing him when we left him. and nothing we tried worked. We ended up moving during this and bought a house with a sunroom converted dog kennel. Leo loves it out there I can leave him all day and he doesn't make a peep. Now going out and buying a house with a nice kennel attached is probably not a option lol. However making your own kennel area at home may solve the problem. this is a makeshift kennel someone designed in their basement. and this is something that may work out in the yard. I have even saw someone do something like this in their garage.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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