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Loose Leash walking

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Sorry should say "Leash" not lease.

So I have been attempting to train this to our puppy (6 months old). He will do great, then the next time he is just pulling the entire walk! I can't get more than 3 steps and he is yanking on the leash. He is a big (53 lb) strong and stubborn dog. Beyond those seen w/in the sticky (I have read through it) is there any other advice you can give? He also likes to grab the leash in his own mouth and attempt to walk me! I stop and stand my ground (as best as I can) and I call to him but there are times he will just continue to pull and not come back to me despite my calling him.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I will try these tonight during our "training" time. I never even thought about that "come...come...come", but it really makes sense. I am working hard to get him to listen to me, because it is only going to get harder as he continues growing, and one day may pass me in weight :)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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