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Looks like I'm going to be fostering

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I contacted a rescue group yesterday about a special needs kitten that was on craigslist, and I have been emailing back and forth with the contact there yesterday and today. If we are able to get the kitten and his littermate I am going to foster them, otherwise I told them I could do 1 dog, 1 cat, or a couple of kittens. It looks like it will be a cat first, as they just pulled 39 cats from a shelter today :eek: but I would like to foster a dog in the future.

I read through their contracts and I was pleased with everything. They ask alot of questions, but the only thing listed as a requirement for adopters is that all animals in the house be spayed/neutered. There are alot of requirements for fosters but I am good with all of them. It also seems like they do alot to get the pets adopted, nice website, petfinder, adoption events every week.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiences?
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I have alot of extra supplies, so that's good. I have 2 large crates, 2 small crates, and 1 med crate that I don't use, 2 cat carriers, leashes, harnesses, extra collars and food dishes, an xpen and babygates. I am responsible for food, but she said they also get donations that they disperse. I talked to the contact about vets and they cover vet care, I just have to get the animal to the appointment and do follow up care like giving pills and whatnot.

My main two concerns are getting stuck with an animal long term that no one wants to adopt or one that does not fit in with my crew, so I need to ask about that. I know they have several dogs boarded right now, so maybe they have a similar arangement as far as having to return one. Of course if they get along with my other animals, then I'm good indefinitely. I did see a list of pictures/bios of the dogs that are boarded and waiting for foster homes and they seem pretty adoptable at first glance.

My other concern is that the rescue is based in an area about 40 mins away, so some of the adoption events are an hour or so away from me. I want to be sure I can pick which ones I go to, or that someone else could take the animal to that event.
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Compared to dogs, cats (especially adults), are extremely hard to adopt out. For us I think the average amount of time a cat is in rescue vs a dog is something like 1-2 months more for kittens and 4-6 months for adults. We have some that have been in the rescue for over a year. It's just hard for cats.
I had a hunch that might be the case. I was looking at cats back in May/June and I see some of the same faces still on petfinder. It doesn't help that alot of the ones I looked at are required to be adopted as a pair. I feel like that deters people...it detered me...I just thought, wow, that's alot of vet costs, and moved on.
Omg, squee! They just sent me pics of the 39 to choose from. They must be desperate for foster homes because they are really on the ball. I said yes and a minute later I had an inbox full of choices, lol.
Not to worry, I'm not going to return a dog after two weeks. I have a lot of dog (and even more cat) experience. I've had multiple dogs for years, difficult dogs, puppies, dogs that had to be housetrained, crate trained, leash trained, etc. My main concern when I say "getting along with my crew" is my cats, my house is not big enough to keep animals separated long term (except when I'm not home) so I would need to integrate the foster into my activities with the rest of my dogs fairly quickly. I am willing to train and work with a dog with my cats, and I think it is good for a foster to be exposed to other dogs and cats, but if I feel even after working with it, that a dog is not cat safe, I will need to know what the rescues plan B is.

As far as the adoption events, the rescue requires two a month but there is one every saturday. I wonder about distance not because I don't want to drive, but because I have to be at work at 4 pm on Saturdays, a job I've had for 11 years that is not going to change, and picking closer events allows me to be able to stay there longer. My work schedule allows me to be home during daytime hours on weekdays though, which frees me up to do things people with 9 to 5 jobs might not be able to, like vet apts and pulling animals from shelters.

Rescues seem desperate for fosters, I doubt they are going to tell me not to bother, but it makes sense to discuss these things up front.

My first foster is going to be a cat and I'm picking her up tomorrow.
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