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Looks like I'm going to be fostering

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I contacted a rescue group yesterday about a special needs kitten that was on craigslist, and I have been emailing back and forth with the contact there yesterday and today. If we are able to get the kitten and his littermate I am going to foster them, otherwise I told them I could do 1 dog, 1 cat, or a couple of kittens. It looks like it will be a cat first, as they just pulled 39 cats from a shelter today :eek: but I would like to foster a dog in the future.

I read through their contracts and I was pleased with everything. They ask alot of questions, but the only thing listed as a requirement for adopters is that all animals in the house be spayed/neutered. There are alot of requirements for fosters but I am good with all of them. It also seems like they do alot to get the pets adopted, nice website, petfinder, adoption events every week.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiences?
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I'm on my 5th foster. I detailed the longest stay so far in the thread "Luna the foster pit bull" as she stayed for 5 months and we progressed a lot on her behavior and training and such.
"Foster Dog Hershey" was another thread with a bit of this and that.
I've had a GSD mix that stayed ~2 weeks, a pit bull stay 5 months, a pit/lab stay ~5 weeks, a pit stay ~1 week and now the current pit arrived last week.

My first suggestion I think you already have done-- find a GOOD rescue. One that has a good reputation, one that actively promotes their dogs, one that will support you and one that provides an escape plan should you have issues with a specific dog (for example, mine has a discount deal with the humane society's boarding facility so it is a good fallback for a sick foster or a dog that doesn't get along with the resident dog etc)

Make sure the dog is properly vetted. Double check the records to see if the dog is due for any boosters, what HW/flea/tick meds they are on and when they are next given. Get their vet's phone number and find out what their emergency vet procedures are (i.e. call them first, take to a specific ER vet, whatever)

Have a crate and start crate training right away- A) it makes your life easier B)it makes them more adoptable. They gave me a great dane sized wire crate so I can use for for any size foster that comes my way, although most of our dogs are 40-70 lbs.

Puppy-proof. Treat any newcomer like a puppy when it comes to chewing, crating, leaving alone etc. Of course, an adult dog needs less bathroom breaks but you should still put it on a schedule and take it out regularly. If the dog seems well behaved indoors, gradually give a little more freedom in a room where there isn't much to destroy. You'd be surprised at what they can destroy though...I've had two of them chew through a door frame.

Ease the foster into the household, I do a few days of walking together and individual attention before I let them full-on play and before I let them wander around loose in the house (while I am home!). I never leave two dogs loose and alone together.

Advertise the dog on your own. Hopefully a good rescue is doing events and such, but you're the dog's first line promoter.
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