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I'd honestly just give it time. She's just been through surgery if I'm reading right, and brand new to your house, so she's probably confused and possibly still doped up from anesthetics. She's not going to be behaving normally and is probably highly stressed and freaked out. I'd be treating her like she's a baby puppy for these first few days, even first couple weeks depending on how things go. Take her out way more often than you think, praise and treats each and every successful outdoor potty (watch her carefully, some dogs get freaked out when people praise too enthusiastically, especially when they're already stressed).

Indoor accidents just get cleaned up without fuss using an appropriate enzyme cleaner so she doesn't think old accident spots smell like a good potty area. Definitely no punishment - it sounds like she might be nervous to potty in front of people, so she may have been scolded or punished for pottying indoors in the past, which has only taught her that humans are scary to potty around. With this in mind, and if it's safe to do so, you may want to consider using a long line when you take her out, so she can go away from you to relieve herself (obviously not if this would allow her to wander into a busy street). As she settles in, you build a bond, and build history of pottying outside being reinforcing, I'm sure you'll get results.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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