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Hi , first time poster looking forward to a community to learn from.
I just adopted a rescue pupp about 24hrs ago. She is a approx 10 month old pit mix. She had her spaying done and a hour long trip from the vet to home. Stopping at an area with some grass for her to go along the way, she went 1 and 2 on the pavement of the parking lot. Since then , she has gone in the house twice peeing. I have taken her out on several walks and she has no trouble pooping after a bit of walking , but does not seem to want to pee outside on grass or sidewalk. I went to pee a couple minutes ago and she got in before me and started peeing in front of the toilet . I stopped her and immediately walked her, but I didn't see her pee. No accidents so far, but she did go 1 and 2when I was out of the room for 5 minutes in the bathroomAny advice, and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks
Other information, I do no have a closed in yard to experiment with unfortunately, she is very quite and it I have not discerned any verbal or non verbal clue that she needs to go. She was covered in pee when I met her to be adopted.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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