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looking for best dog food

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What is the most costly and healthiest dog food? There have been no recalls, and the vitamins are grain-free. I want to switch my boy because I want him to have a long and healthy life. Go! [link removed by moderator]

Thank You.
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Most costly and healthiest are not necessarily related. Different dogs have different dietary needs. If there was one, single best food, the others would cease to exist. Finding the best for your dog normally requires some trial-and-error.

Also, do your research and talk to your vet about grain-free foods. There is some evidence of cardiac problems with grain-free foods and most dogs have no problem with grains.

Third, I question whether there is any pet food company that has never had a recall. A recall means there was a problem and they responded to it. I'd be more concerned about companies that fail to respond to and correct problems.
My breeder had me get Victor Beef and Barley or Beef and Rice.. saying there had been no recalls of it. Normally I feed raw and the puppy will get raw mixed in along with plain yogurt and CPN Structure®. At 5 months the puppy will be transitioned to a 100% raw diet.

I cannot believe the volume of stool the puppy makes eating kibble. Holy Crap. Literally.
As RonE said, there's no one best kibble for all dogs. Like humans, dogs have different nutritional needs based on their genetics, metabolism, activity level, climate they live in, and any allergies or intolerances they might have. Something that's super healthy for one dog might make another super sick. Some dogs have so many allergies they can only safely eat very expensive prescription diets with hydrolyzed protein, while others live long, healthy lives on the cheapest food available. Some people have to feed cheap foods, because their dog is picky and refuses to eat anything else, and it's better that they eat lower quality kibble than starve.

No recalls is not necessarily a sign of a good food, nor is grain free (and I'm someone who feeds grain free formulas fairly regularly). You WANT a company that will voluntarily recall food if anything goes wrong, and will do so early enough that as few pets as possible get sick. And there's lots of grain-inclusive formulas that work really, really well for lots of dogs. There appears to be a risk of diet-associated dilated cardiomyopethy (a serious heart problem) from feeding grain-free diets that rely on pea and legume products, but research is still being done so we don't fully understand what makes a diet high risk yet. Some people choose to only feed grain inclusive diets because of this, especially if they have a breed that's already prone to heart problems.

In the end, the best food for your dog isn't the most expensive or fanciest. It's one you can afford, you have access to where you live, your dog eats well, and appears healthy and happy on. This includes firm, regular stools, shiny and soft coats, healthy skin, maintaining weight well, and having a normal level of energy for their breed and age.
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The best food is one your dog does well on, likes to eat, and you can afford to fee. I've fed just about everything from grocery store brands like Dog Chow to "super-premium" foods, with super-premium prices to match, and found that my dogs typically do best on a moderate quality, moderately priced food. Ironically enough, it was the "super-premium" foods that my dogs did the worst on. And the most expensive food is worthless if your dog flat out refuses to eat it.
Paradox of Choice makes for an interesting read. (the book)
Food for thought. No Pun Intended.
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