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I had the unfortunate event of putting my Emmy to sleep a couple days ago. She was a 5 year old, 20 pound Blue heeler/rat terrier mix. I apologize in advance if this is a bit long. I just want opinions, maybe closure. Who knows.

On Sunday night, I came home from work. I immediately noticed she didn't look right, she was drinking water, but was completely coherent, walking and breathing just fine and then she threw up what looked like maybe June bug parts? So I just figured she had an upset stomach. I told everyone id take her to the vet in the morning if she didn't improve. She wagged her tail at me, and I went to my room.

The next day, she didn't move one inch from the spot I last saw her nor would she walk, and stood as if she was in alot of discomfort, she was breathing heavy, and just looked ill. So I took her immediately. The vet came back and basically told me she's dehydrated, and ran fluids on her and gave her a shot to stop the vomiting, and if she doesn't improve by 4 pm that day, to bring her back. I laid her in my front seat and could just tell something was more severe, but I took her home and laid her in my bed and she gravely got worse. I filled her bowl up with half inch of water, and she looked completely lost. She stared straight forward while drinking, and continued to lick the bottom of the bowl, and immediately threw it up. She had a glossed over look in her eyes and almost seemed blind. She wouldn't react to her name, hand movement's. This was only an hour and a half of being home. I took her back. They ran xrays. Blood work and then sadness.. Her abdomen was filled with fluid. She was in the final stage of liver failure. Her kidneys were gone, and the vet stopped there and said "That's just the start honey". She asked me about poisoning I said no way. She didn't really have an input after that. I held goodbye apologized to her and left with a empty leash and collar.

I scavenged my house for things she could've gotten into. Nothing. The only reasonable thing was my father in-laws blood pressure medication, nobody saw it happen but possibly could have spilled a few pills. He had other things like aspirin, fish oil. All the caps were on, and secure. She only played around in the back yard.

She had heart worms when she was younger, but we got the two treatments givin about 2 1/2 years ago and then preventatives. She showed no signs of prior pain, or discomfort. She was a goofy dog, and made a huge impact on all of us. She peed in the house and couple times but we all work different hours. Her poop didn't look odd. I just don't know. It hit me hard.


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