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Looking for a small/medium breed suggestions

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Hello everyone. We just got our beagle Doug, in March. I had to put my ten year old female Jack Russell to sleep in April. It was sad, but we have made good progress with Doug since her passing.

Yesterday I had a scary encounter with a man on a walk. Everything is fine, won't get into the whole long story but basically he used the excuse of wanting to pet Doug to get closer to me. Anyways, Doug was so upset this person wanted to pet him that by the time I got a "bad feeling" about this guy, Doug was spinning and trying to flee. One could say he knew the guy was up to no good but Doug is often scared of being pet and will react like this if forced. I do NOT force him, that's where the scary part comes in as the guy moved forward and very close to me, fast.

So basically Doug is a sweet gentle soul and would rather flee, even if it means ditching me. lol :) I don't mind at all, and I love his sweet gentle nature. However, when I had my Jack Russell, we had been in one situation and she actually really helped by getting someone coming at us to back off because of her obscene racket and her teeth. She wasn't a tiny Jack, 28 pound Parson's. Not that she could have really ever helped me, but she always made a stand in weird situations, made a TON of noise, would have bitten the crap out of someone if it was needed and always watched over me, while being friendly in normal situations, not biting people etc. Just a protective, yet intuitive dog. Not aggresive towards strangers, but loyal to protecting me. Make sense?

I would like to get a new dog next year, since having to put my girl down in April. We decided we'd like to have Doug in the house for a full year to settle in before getting another dog.

After yesterdays somewhat scary encounter, I'd like to get a dog that will be a bit more concerned with my welfare. However, I am NOT saying I want a guard dog, a mean dog, an out of control dog, aggressive dog etc.

I would like a smaller/medium breed but I can't really think of many dogs that are great with friends but intuitive enough to know if their owner is in real trouble such as shepherds, etc. Any ideas? I've owned shepherds, one rottweiler, been around pits....but these breeds are either too large for us right now, or in the case of pits they are illegal here. I also do not like having a dog just because it's scary looking, nor do I like the idea that pits are used because they are "scary" however, they would fit in perfectly since they can be smaller and awesome family dogs. Sadly no go here in Ontario.

I hope this makes sense. The last thing I want is people reading this as I want an attack dog or I will be creating an aggressive dog. It's just Doug would help a guy tie me up if it meant getting to run away free while he was doing it. LOL
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I am so surprised to hear that as I have always LOVED the way Corgi's looked! I have never looked up any information about them though, as I just simply loved their look.

I will for SURE look into your suggestion! Thank you.
Well I am really a "pound" dog type of person, I have never gotten a dog from a breeder before. Not that I disagree with it or anything, I just never have.

However we were just discussing last night that it might be a good idea to go to a good quality breeder and get a puppy to raise with us for this specific situation. Not that I want to create a nut, but more that any dog I've had that was really great at protecting me when the time was right, came to me as a puppy. My Jack Russell was so awesome that even though she was small, I felt safe. While camping with friends, she wouldn't even get out of bed (sleeping behind my knees on our sleeping bag, when they called her if I hadn't woken up yet. LOL But she was also very friendly when we were in normal situations. I got her at twelve weeks old from a farmer.

I have been around a Sheltie before, and I enjoyed her a lot, she belonged to my step mother after I had moved out of the house. I'll keep that breed on the list to research more for sure.
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Shedding doesn't bother me. I gave up the fight against hair a long time ago. Me, the vacuum and the swiffer have maintained a committed love/hate triangle relationship for many years now. LOL

By chance I found a breeder of Corgi's in the small farm town I live in. I am going to see if I can check out a live corgi, as I've never been around one as well as a couple of other breeds that may be close by like shelties, and I am kinda still looking into Parson Russell breeders near me. I guess once you love a Jack it's hard to go back. ;)
Thanks for your tips!!

I see this breeder has obtained her CKC judging license, and has some good testimonials. I am still WAY early as I haven't even met a Corgi yet, so I will probably try and spend some time with them before getting close to making a choice. I also really like the idea of a sheltie so I am looking into that too.
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