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Looking for a mini poodle or maltipoo puppy in SoCal

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Hi all! We have been looking for a mini poodle or maltipoo puppy for a long time. Either they are crazy expensive (over $3500) or we face scammers. I was wondering if anybody could recommend the breeders in SoCal or nearby states like AZ or UT... Appreciate all tips! Thanks
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I don't have recommendations but do have sympathy. I'm researching different breeds and finding the prices for well bred puppies in the same range you are. I think the Covid demand for dogs has caused breeders to raise prices considerably, and wait lists for some breeds are crazy long. Even rescues are wanting what seems to me to be high adoption fees. Personally, I plan to pay the price necessary to get a puppy from a decent breeder, but I wouldn't pay more than rescue prices for a mix, but that's just me.
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