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Well, It has been a year since she came into my life, and I could not imagine myself without her now.

She now potty trained me in full. Every time she wants to go she just gets to the door and stands there, ears up, staring at me, like saying. Charly, stand up and open the door.

She sleeps on my bed, and actually I sometimes use her as a pillow, but most of the time I sleep in a corner and she takes the rest of the bed(Consider that she is the size of a Beagle), she doesn't like me to hug her when we fall asleep, but I've awoke to her fast asleep on my arms, so I know she just plays tough o get, but she always ends up getting hug, and some times I wake up to her laying on both pillows and me using 1 9th of the pillow, or none at all ajajajajajajaja

She is now, mostly, well behaved, I just arrive to a war zone 1 out of every 4 times, and she doesn't bite anything but papers, bags and maybe some garbage, if I was careless enough to leave some at her range, and she felt like it lol

Now, as I probably mentioned before, I'm a geek and avid gamer, so I spend a lot of time, from my three days off a week, and on my work days as well, playing videogames, and she sometimes complains... How? She will get on the backrest(IDK the actual term, just thought that would depict what I mean) of the couch and just, use me as a pillow or lean on me, and she also likes to get behind me and stay on my back, even some times force her head under my arm like "pikaboo!!" lol

She is my lil happiness, and I just wanted to share the progress and her funny acting
Sorry for the "I haven't slept in days" look, but I was really sick and really tired, and I guess that was her way of saying, "I'm here to pamper you human!" lol

Head Nose Fun Mouth Selfie
Dog Canidae Head Dog breed Snout

BTW, do you see the toilet paper in the background on one of the pics? Not even at that height was it safe, caught her pulling it down one day -_- ajajajajaajja
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