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Hi everyone!

My name is Molly King and I reside in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband and I currently have three rescue dogs and we, like so many others, are crazy dog parents!

We are parents to:

Sonny (commonly known as Sonny Bunny in our house), a senior Britanny-Golden mix, who we estimate to be around 13 years old. He became a part of our family two years ago after we suddenly lost our 8 year female Heeler to what we can only guess is a stroke/severe seizure. Sonny is amazing in that all he wants is love. That’s it. He was an owner surrender in one of shelters here and we snatched him up. He has arthritis and we are helping him with a cocktail of different medications. He’s our lounger. I just love love love the senior dogs!

Hazel, who is a red Heeler, who we estimate to be around 4 years old. She became a part of our family in May of this year after we lost our 14 year old Golden-Shepherd to old age. We had to assist with that decision and while it was absolutely dreadful, it was the right thing to do. Hazel is quite a puzzle and we only wish she could talk to us about her past. She came from California to a rescue and has absolutely no history. We are currently assisting her with whatever horrible things she endured in her life and moving forward on a positive note. She can be a bit neurotic at times but we love everything about her, including her oddities.

Rumple is a corgi mixed with we have no idea what, who we estimate to be 4 years old Rumple joined us (shortly after we welcomed Hazel) after we lost our 9 year old blue Heeler, also in May of this year, (it was a tough month in our house ☹) to a gallantly fought battle with mast cell tumors. Rumple was also an owner surrender to a rescue and we have very little knowledge of his past. He, too, is a puzzle. He has a lot of drive but can be very stubborn in true corgi fashion. He’s adorable and he knows it.

We have just started our entrance into training classes and we (or I should say, us, as pawents) are hooked!

Hazel has completed Intro to Obedience and is now participating in Intro to Agility as well as Intermediate Obedience. We have seen a HUGE improvement in her since we began classes in so many ways-her confidence, her manners, her behavior...the list goes on and on. One of the many reasons we are hooked.

Rumple just began Intro to Obedience and we are hopeful we will experience the same improvement in him as we have in Hazel. We are super excited to begin this journey with him!

Sonny, well, he is our resident couch potato. We have zero expectations of him besides being cute, which he does very well.

We have no idea where all of this training will lead us. Maybe we will participate in competition, maybe not. We are just hoping to bond with our fur kids and have fun! If we learn something along the way, that’s even better!

About me...I am from the Midwest originally (Minnesota/Iowa) and relocated to Las Vegas 6 years ago. While in the Midwest I was active in corgi and greyhound rescue. If I could, I would own a huge property and fill it with animals. Seniors especially. ❤

I am the training class pawent in the house and my husband is a big softy, which makes things challenging at times. He is amused and entertained at my enthusiasm for it all, but also recognizes how helpful it has been and is 100% supportive in my new “obsession.” Bottom line is we both want what is best for our dogs,whether it be trading, medical care, etc.

I am really intterested in nutrition and what our dogs eat and have spent a lot of time (probably too much time) researching what is what. We are “helicopter” dog parents, simply put. But we enjoy it and love every minute of it.

Wow, I have really gone on and on...sorry about that! Let’s just say I am very “enthusiastic” ☺

I look forward to learning as much as I can from others and sharing our adventures as we journey down this path. (Warning-I tend to ask a lot of questions!)

One thing I can say I have learned is a tired dog is a good dog!


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