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Long time Hello again

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Wanted to stop bye and say hi and catch up with familar faces. Same ole same ole for the farm and critters just we all older now , a few changing of the guards , and some new faces. Love the CO's still have Tasman who is now going on 8 and bless his soul Ratmir will be 11 this years just as strong in mind and spirt as always. The rest is trail of broken hearts that will never mend. New to our group is 2 presa canario's fell in love with a 5 year old , also a 5 month old puppy. Exactly whom I thought they would be individually from day one i met them, very delightful breed, learning the daily ropes of the farm and other animals. will let you know who they show themselves to be after the 3wk settling in period lol lol lol lol ... yes am very happy who they are as indiiduals...

Hope all is well for everyone..
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