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Hi All,

I have had dogs in my life as long as I can remember (Springer Spaniel "Winnie", Dachshund "Oscar Meyer", Irish Setter "Pepper", Black Lab "Grace", Yellow Lab "Lucy", St Bernard "Maddie" (my first dog as an adult), Golden Retriever "Cassie", Golden Retriever "Lyra", and now Rescue Monster "Rigel").

My husband and I currently have Lyra (6yo) - who we've had since 6w and Rigel (1-2yo) who we've had only a month. We have a fully fenced backyard and no kids, but our pups are indoor dogs when we're at work. Rigel is our first rescue and is proving to be a handful. I stumbled across your site in looking up things like 'crate escapees', 'destructive downtime' and 'aggressive leash behavior'... and found lots of great ideas. I will begin posting questions and searching for answers once my access is complete. In the meantime - take a look at these sweet faces. :)

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