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I have a 15 year old rescue beagle. She had surgery last year for pyometra and recovered very well. Then they did a bronchioscope and found she had chronic coughing because of lung disease and inflammation. In that year she has had two rounds of prednisone and the third time the coughing came, they put her on temaril p. She was weaned down to one half tab daily which I think is one mg pred. She is going in Wed. for blood work. She has been on temaril for three months and the drug company says this is long term and that she will have to be taken off gradually. My vet said she didn't have to be taken off gradually so I am glad I checked with drug company.

I worry because she has gained weight and has no energy. She seemed to feel better when she had pyometra! Both the univ. vet and her home vet think she may have to be on inflammatories indefinitely. I would like to take her off temeral, but vet says if I do, she will have to go back on the regimen which is four tabs twice daily and then move her down again.

Anyone used this or have any suggestions? The vet thought it would be better than doing the prednisone at the higher dosages. Thank you for any input.
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