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Living a nightmare: our puppy has heart problems

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Looking for solace or any good stories of beating the odds. We travelled to UT Knoxville today to see a cardiologist for my 7 month old Aussie and got bad news. She's on meds now but not given a long time to live. We are heartbroken. Crying, trying to be positive, anything. My own father had congestive heart failure, was told he was living a year and lived another 8 years. I can't believe we are living this nightmare with a sweet baby that doesn't deserve this.
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I’ve never dealt with this issue but wanted to say I’m sorry you are.
am sorry.. One of my pups had a whole in her heart, My husband adored her and she was a bright and shining light exploding in personality. She lived much longer then expected and was so full of life and fun that we often forgot that our time was limited with her. One day she came into the house after time outside all of us together. One of our other dogs was in a panic and we found her laying down, very lethargic and she took her last breath in my husbands arms. Devastated my husband forever... I am glad she lived beyond the fullest and full throttle while she was here it was who she was.... I hope advancements in medicine can hold more opportunities for your pup.... Love them deeply
I am really sorry for you and your pup.
They told us our 10 year old had a brain tumor and had to be put down; we ignored them and she recovered completely. She died 2 days ago at 16.
They told us our 4 month old had epilepsy and had to be put down; we ignored them and he lived 7 years. (my wife insisted on treatment with phenobarbital, as that is what she would have used on a child, and it worked)
Hope for the best.
TollerOwner, I’m sorry for your loss.
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