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Little brave fighter heart ♥ LUNA ♥

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Hey dear ones, first of all thank you so much for letting me be here ♥.
Please don't scold me for posting so much here, but I am so desperate, I don't know what to do anymore. I am writing this for a little young man with a huge heart, my 9 year old son.
I need your support, ideas and help please. I am really at the end of my strength and do not know how to continue. It costs me really big overcoming to write these lines but I just have to try everything, because we have almost no time left......
Does anyone know a way to rescue my son`s little Luna (AmStaff puppy, 9 weeks old)??? She is such a grateful little girl. It's like she knows we rescued her, she thanks us every day with so much love. We will not let her die now. This brave little fighter heart more than deserves to live on.
My son and I have been living here in Cyprus for 1.5 years and in our spare time we take care of the neglected, abandoned and discarded cats and dogs and strays every second. We feed them daily, built small houses for the cats so they have shelter from rain, hot sun and wind, cuddle with them, etc. ♥
We heard by chance about 9 AmStaff or Pit Puppies without a dog mom. The owner, kept the babies in a small tub covered with wooden boards in complete darkness. They were lying in their pee and poo, in horrible condition, malnourished, about 3-4 weeks old, bellies distended to bursting and had worms the length of spaghetti. The little ones were crying so pitifully. He wanted to keep them as breeding animals to make a lot of money with them. We had to give him 300€ per puppy so we could take them all. We pooled our last savings, my son has been saving for a BMX bike for so long, but immediately gave his money for the puppies. We would not have left the puppies with this person one second longer.... Our landlord won't let us have animals or we'll be kicked out immediately. That's why we gave away the 8 puppies with broken heart to people we know so that they get a fair chance for a good life and illegally kept only the smallest and weakest dog girl, because my son loved this little mouse from the first second from the bottom of his heart. My little one has cherished Luna for the last 5 weeks and fed her with so much love with the bottle, cuddled her, etc that she has become a beautiful puppy. He loves her so much. We were just happy to have saved even the weakest baby and now we have to fear for her life.....
Little Luna is now 9 weeks old and has been suddenly very sick for 4 days. She doesn't eat anymore, only vomits, almost can't make pee anymore only droplets and lies there completely apathetic. The vet told me that the kidneys will fail soon and must be urgently stabilized. If Luna is to continue living, the treatment is expected to cost 9700€ with blood dialysis, if no complications arise. This is impossible for my little son and me to afford. We know about the costs of a pet of course, but nobody expects this to happen and we didn't think to get insurance yet on Luna after all the fear if she will grow up well.
Because of Covid my salary was cut even more, I work in tourism and Cyprus is badly shaken with Covid measures still, so we begged the vet to allow us to pay in installments. Only in advance or not at all, as usual here, was the answer. Same with other vets. The advice of the vets was, then just euthanize, is cheaper. My son was able to convince the vet with many tears to at least start the treatment and we pay in a week the full amount, if we can not pay he cancels the treatment. My hands are shaking while writing and I hope you forgive my bad English.
My son`s heart is broken. If anyone can please help us in any way if you know of ways to maybe do a fundraising campaign like gofundme or something else? We tried to ask for support through Gofundme because we are so much under pressure for time but I can't use Gofundme because Cyprus as a country is not supported. I have begged Gofundme per Email but have not even received a reply. We even asked for a bank credit, but no chance. My son in his desperation came up with the idea to ask his big idol Christiano Ronaldo for help. He promised he will pay everything back when he earns his own money as a professional football player, he is really talented. But he has that big dreams and children do not yet see the harsh real world. Thank god. The little one also said we could make videos of the sunset in the sea for Youtube so we can earn the money, but unfortunately that takes way too long and I am not good at that. I don't have any social media accounts, other things are more important to me, it just takes revenge very bitterly. But here in Cyprus no one will help you when it comes to animals, so I turn to you guys. I am a huge USA fan since my childhood it is my dream once hopefully to see this wonderful country with its great people and to be able to show it to my son.....I loved the stories of my aunt and my uncle (native American), they have awakened this longing, both are unfortunately already deceased. If I had the possibility I would come to the USA immediately for working and living because you will get a real chance there to give your kids a good life with hard work.
But big dreams are not always come true, right? Thank you so much for taking your time to read my request, please have a wonderful day ♥♥♥
We are sooooo grateful for tips, ideas and anything else you can think of, please let us know ♥♥♥♥.
We would be forever grateful. Thank you so much and
sending you so much Love guys and big hugs from Cyprus
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So sorry to hear about your puppy's illness. Are there any rescue operations or similar there? In the USA there's a thing Called Care Credit, that allows you to make payments over time for expensive Vet costs.

Other than that, just spread the GoFundMe along with your puppy's story as far and widely as you can. Talk to people, reach out to every possible source, celebrities, sports figures, wealthy philanthropists etc.

Best of luck! I hate this Covid crisis! Just so many people hurting...
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