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Dog Canidae Mammal Dog breed Black mouth cur

This was Biscuit when she first came to me, she's roughly 3 years old so she's had lots of pups in her time by the looks of things :(

Canidae Pink Dog Dog breed Purple

In MY bed!!!

Vertebrate Mammal Canidae Dog breed Dog

This was after the first month and the first time she was let up onto the sofa (after she had decided that we could be friends)

Dog Canidae Pink Skin Snout

She got lost in the duvet :p

Head Nose Human Canidae Fawn

Much happier now a days :)

Weimaraner Canidae Dog Peruvian hairless dog Dog breed

People cross the street when I walk with her, yet she's the sweetest most gentle little snuggle bug in the world!

Sportswear Arm Leg Selfie Canidae

Human cuddles......

Head Snout Canidae Dog French bulldog

Smiles :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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