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My mother raised two littermates, female yorkshire mixes. She got one first, but when one of the pups didn't get adopted, she was contacted with the question if she'd like to have the remaining pup as well. So within the week she ended up with two puppies. They had no problems growing up together and they'll be three years old in December.

But I can imagine small dogs being easier to take care of than as per say, two hounds, like you've possibly got on your hands. But if you feel confident you can handle it, then go for it.

I too would advise you to crate them seperately. Or keep them loose in the living, like my mother did and she never had issues with seperation anxiety. Whatever you feel comfortable with. But be aware that if you have them loose, there is a possibility they'll destroy something. (my mom's dogs were too small for that, I suppose :p)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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