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What you are doing is great you will learn a lot from the booklet. All can do is give you a summary of the booklet :) and maybe a few words of my own. All multi dog households "littermates or not" need time seperate from each other and trained one on one with the other dogs not around. If we don't do that they will grow a strong bond together and not rely on the human "bad for training no focus" and the dogs can get seperation anxiety when seperated and then we have big problems seperating them as life goes on. So take seperate walks and train inidvidually and switch off with your spouse. Same as one dog family be a benevolent leader to each dog "seperate" so they always look to human for guidence and we can install the behaviors/actions we want with +R/CC

Also multi dog households there is always going to be conflicts as to who goes first as in eating , doors , attention ETC. we as humans should let the dogs decide on this and follow what the dogs agree on to keep the peace. Just do not let one get pushy and start stealing toys "usually when a dog has possession of a toy its theres no stealing". Usually quarrels start when going out they all rush to door, guest coming for a visit the all rush to greet, feeding time, toys ETC. So we can train group waits , stays, and release commands.

They also pick there favorite spots like us humans like a doggie bed, or by the bed ETC.
Fun booklet and learning how to deal with multi dogs enjoy! Also agree with Abbylynn put up with no bad behavior towards each other "any type of aggression" they are both young I would try and read the dogs before anything goes wrong and interven if you think things are going bad. Alway reward good behavior even if there just relaxing next to each other or anytime there together and behaving.

Over time and training sounds like they will work things out :) and you can add your next one "have fun"
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