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Litter Themes and Names

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I am trying to think of a litter name for border collies, we have plenty of time because this won’t be happening until Dec 2021, but I like to plan ahead.

The theme is firsts, for example, first man on the moon (reg name) Neil Armstrong (call name), first flight (reg name) Wright Bros (call name), first president (reg name) George Washington (call name), etc.

I need help coming up with the litter name, call (the persons name) and reg names (what that person is known for). It can be any person who has had a first! I need a good mix of male and female.
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First woman elected to Congress - Jeanette Rankin (in 1916 in case anyone was curious)
1st IVF baby - Louise Brown
1st person to win 2 Nobel Prizes - Marie Curie
1st woman to earn a doctoral degree - Juliana Morell (in 1608!)
1st female to legally vote in US - Lydia Taft
1st Femal newspaper editor- Ann Franklin
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