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Hi. Me 'n a Friend(who owns a sister of my pup) have found the remaining 8 littermates owners and we all live in the same area. So we are meeting up this sunday for a doggy play date to re-unite the "family".

Sasha got renamed to Lily due to my daughter's developing speech impediment(speech problem).

We, Mikayla 'n myself, are excited to have all 10 puppies together at least. We hope to do this at least once a month. For all 10 puppies to get together. Me 'n Mikayla get together once a week(unless foul weather) for a playdate with the girls. Its Amazing at how much all 10 puppies resemble each other but yet do not. lol.

All 10 are Black with various degree's of white on them and various coat styles. Lily 'n Zoey's are the most similiar along with 1 of the brothers. All 3 have almost the same white markings with the same coat texture. Its un-canny. It'll be fun trying to disquinsh who is who's. Thankfully Lily has awesome Recall now that she is able to understand her name(due to problems with myself 'n daughter's speech, her name was difficult at times to say).

The vet this past monday, was impressed with her on her manners and behavior. Said she is the most behaved 4month old puppy she has ever seen. Asked me if i'd be interested in doing a weekly training class for new puppy owners. i said i dont know that i wasn't registered or licensed as a dog trainer.. I just discovered and worked with what motivated her and got her to do her best and also discovered what time of day she was more interested in learning new stuff then any other time of day. But it is something for me to thnk about. If i can afford it to earn a few extra bucks a month... To become a registered/licensed dog trainer. Not as a career, but as a extra money thing and to help new dog/puppy owners who cant afford doggy training classes or a dog trainer but dont know how to train their dog/puppy.

I am gunna post a picture of her on my daughter's twin size bed. My computer crashed so my brother loaned me his laptop until we can fix my computer. well i would if i could get my cellular phone to send the blasted picture to my email. it says it was sent but yet i havent gotten it in any of my email boxes i have... 1 personal, 1 spam and 1 business. and i sent to all 3 cuase sometimes it takes awhile to get to one or 2 of them but not to another. **sighs**
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