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Links, books, blogs etc for reactive / leash aggressive dogs and similar

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I was at a group dog walk this morning and one of the new adopters has a leash aggressive dog. So I offered to email her a bunch of the various links and books and everything that I've found to be useful for reactive or barrier aggressive dogs or fear aggressive. For the books, I've mostly read online portions of them, but enough to recommend them,

Since I've now typed them all up, I figured I'd share them here too and open it up to everyone's input for their favorite training sites or authors. I know for long time members here that many of these links are known or redundant, but putting them all together seemed helpful.

Reactive dog training and management websites, articles, videos and actual books

Behavioral Adjustment Training (BAT)- very good for fearful or aggressive dogs
Functional Rewards

Training and management tips for DINOS
Dogs in Need of Space

General dog walking and interaction blog
Notes from a Dog Walker

Article on calming signals
Calming Signals

Sketches of dog body language signs
Body Language with photos

Very good general dog training site with a number of articles and free downloads. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a scientific based trainer with a great reputation.
Dog Star Daily

Good book (yes, actual words on paper not a screen). May be available at the public library or interlibrary loan
Control Unleashed

Books and online articles (again, look for the books in the library to try them out) from a respected trainer; check out "The Other End of the Leash" and particularly "Fiesty Fido:Help for the Leash Reactive Dog"
Patricia McConnell's site

A few good books, particularly Dogs Are From Neptune and The Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson's books

Youtube.com and search "kikopup" for training videos. Working on impulse control and a strong sit and stay can help a lot with the dog-dog reactions.

Clicker training blog
Success Just Clicks


I am copying various links that were suggested in the thread below here for convenience. I still encourage reading the whole discussion to get more details on each.

Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog by Ali Brown


Reactive Dog: Foundation Exercises for Your Leash-Reactive Dog

Reactive Dog: Moving Past Distractions on a Walk

Best Books For Treating Dog Reactivity[/QUOTE]

this video for a step by step on training "Look at That"

Care for Reactive Dogs

The Muzzle Up Project
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Here's an article I wrote (I'm also the author of Success Just Clicks Blog) that lists and reviews (briefly) some of the best books on reactivity.

Best Books For Treating Dog Reactivity
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