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Hello all, this is my first post here, this seems like a great place, glad i found it.

Now on to my question/problem.

My dog is a German Shepard / yellow lab mix. He looks like a yellow german Shepard. He looks a lot like the dog in the logo for this site actually.

For about 2 days now my dog has been limping on & off. Last night it was real bad so this morning i took him to the vet. After checking him out the vet assumed it was a sprain and to watch him for a few days it should be fine, if not come back.

So now tonight he is limping again but this time i feel like i can see something, so i investigate. The affected area is the dogs right rear leg. So i check it out and there is a defiantly lump, i can feel it and so can my girlfriend. The doctor somehow missed it.

He said it was a sprain or strain, which i can understand he just wasnt feeling around for that. The lump is on a weird spot, its on the outside of his leg about what i would call the theigh area.

I know it could be anything but here is a bit of medical history.

He had a lump on his face that we had removed. The doctor did a biopsy and said it was benign. We had it removed. So he now has a lump on his outer leg, i don't know what it is but if its some form of lump or tumor i hope its also benign.

I am going to take him back to the vet tomorrow and have them check it out. In the mean time what do you guys think? Could a lump make him limp? It sure looks like the culprit. Also what do you THINK it is. He is going to the vet in the a.m.

Thank you kindly.
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